• The latest feature allows you to choose between two main principles:
    • Default show, but hide your ID for defined people
    • Default hide, but show your ID for defined people
  • Since it is possible to arrange your people in groups, what you might have done already, you can use these groups to define whether to send your caller-ID or not.
  • To group your people in a convenient way, use the new learn-feature. After a call (depending on your setting), you can easily edit group-memberships of the called contact.
  • If your phone does not support group management, use SecretSheep to create arbitrary groups and manage them.
  • When you dial a number for the first time, meaning this number is not saved to your phonebook, you can ad­ditionally hide your ID for all these calls. There is one optional exception for return calls.
  • You have also the possiblity to override the computed selection of hiding or showing your ID. The time you need for consideration can be adjusted.
  • In another mode called particular, you can select showing or hiding your ID prior to every single call.
  • With the new call-log cleaner the dialed hide-prefix will be removed from the log to identify the numbers and to recall them easily.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between different modes by using a widget on your home-screen.
Default show, selective hide

Default hide, selective show