In Advanced Mode, when Manual overriding is selected, the screen after starting a call will look similar like the screenshot to the right. Contact information (name, organization, title) is displayed at the very top. Both sheep icons are also displayed whereas one is at the foreground, in this case the hiding sheep - because PHD Bock is a member of the hide-group business which contains untrustworthy people. If you touch the other sheep, it will come to the fore and your number won't be hidden. You can also touch the hide-sheep to accelerate initiating the call. Touching the Cancel-Button aborts this call and closes this dialog. Without touching anything, expiration of the progressbar below the sheep will start calling (in this case with hiding your number).
Important settings to use this feature:
Mode: Advanced
Option: Manual overriding
Option: Time to consider

Attention: if the calling number is assigned to more than one contact, all names will be displayed! Another factor for this is the view option Show invisible contacts!

Manual overriding